Working papers

Peers Affect Personality Development - Revise & Resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics

(with Ulf Zölitz)

The Minority Trap: Minority Status Drives Women Out of Male-Dominated Fields

Do Optional Information Policies Increase Equity? Evidence From Two Large-Scale Grading Experiments

(with Christine Exley, Raymond Fisman, Judd Kessler, Louis-Pierre Lepage, Corinne Low, Xiaomeng Li, Mattie Toma, and Basit Zafar) 


Lowering the Playing Field: Discrimination through Sequential Spillover Effects - Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics

(with Judd Kessler and Corinne Low)

Access to Pensions, Old-Age Support, and Child Investment in China - Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources 

(with Albert Park)

Selected work in progress

Social Learners: The Disproportionate Impact of Online Instruction on Women - Draft coming soon

(with Ulf Zölitz and Uschi Backes-Gellner)

Gender Differences in Salary Requests - Analysis in progress

(with Norihiko Matsuda)

Early Childhood Investment and Parental Well-Being - Fieldwork in progress

(with Victoria Baranov, Pietro Biroli, and Anne Brenøe)