Working papers

Gender Diversity Improves Academic Performance 

This paper uses a field experiment in a first-semester course at a Swiss public university to examine the impact of gender diversity on academic performance. 2,580 students across six cohorts are randomly assigned into 645 study groups with varying gender composition. Results show that group gender diversity significantly raises students' course performance, especially for men. Moving from homogeneous to gender-balanced groups increases course grade by about 15% standard deviations. Analyses of mechanisms reveal that diversity enhances within-group social interaction and students' group satisfaction, self-esteem, self-confidence, mental health, and study effort. Although these effects generally apply to both genders, diversity appears to lower women's effort and leads them to hold significantly more traditional gender attitudes, which may explain the greater impact of diversity on men's performance. The findings of this paper highlight the value of gender diversity in improving academic performance and fostering social integration in higher education.

Peers Affect Personality Development - Revise & Resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics

(with Ulf Zölitz)

Information-Optional Policies and the Gender Concealment Gap

(with Christine Exley, Raymond Fisman, Judd Kessler, Louis-Pierre Lepage, Corinne Low, Xiaomeng Li, Mattie Toma, and Basit Zafar) 

The Minority Trap: Minority Status Drives Women Out of Male-Dominated Fields


Lowering the Playing Field: Discrimination through Sequential Spillover Effects - Forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics

(with Judd Kessler and Corinne Low)

Access to Pensions, Old-Age Support, and Child Investment in China - Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources 

(with Albert Park)

Selected work in progress

Social Learners: The Disproportionate Impact of Online Instruction on Women - Draft coming soon

(with Ulf Zölitz and Uschi Backes-Gellner)

Gender Differences in Salary Requests - Analysis in progress

(with Norihiko Matsuda)

Early Childhood Investment and Parental Well-Being - Fieldwork in progress

(with Victoria Baranov, Pietro Biroli, and Anne Brenøe)